Mountain Biking

Bicycle riding skills are not sufficient to become a successful mountain biker. Whether you want to cycle across the terrain like a pro-cyclist, earn the name and fame, expertise in uphill off-roading or do it as a fun activity, there is some discipline that needs to be followed. There is no bargain on the fitness and stamina, but predominantly there are other factors as well, that is important to improve your mountain biking skills:

Maintain your bike

You need not spend thousands of bucks on the service. It will take a couple of minutes to check or worn out parts, old screws, and other parts of the bike that can be problematic on the trail. Look out for such parts and get them repaired before you hit the mountains. Also, make sure the bike is suitable for you – the tires, seat height, etc. also play an important rule. If you’re comfortable with your bike, then you’ll be confident on the trail.

Maintain your bike

Riding Partners

Choosing the right group is crucial for bike riding. This is because seasoned bikers and professional mountain bikers have techniques that can make the journey all the more comfortable and fun. You can learn how to position your body during uphill or downhill etc. and make more tips.

Target Fixation

Always fix your target of where you want to go. By this, we mean the path you want to take, to reach your destination. Mountain biking is accompanied with bumpy rides, rocks, trees etc. if you’re going to avoid such routes, fix your eyes on the path, and move forward.


The rotation of your cranks is equally essential. Some might pedal in jerks or square motions that can cause nothing but distress and increased effort. Practising spins is an excellent way to maintain your momentum.

Try Harder

Try harder

Since we’re talking about mountain biking, you’ll often come across times when you have to ride a steep downhill or a rocky uphill. Both are equally difficult. However, you shouldn’t lose courage in such situations and ride out of your comfort zone.

Comfort out of the saddle

You’re not always on the saddle when you’re mountain biking. Sometimes you’ll have to shift your bodyweight to the handlebars or the pedals. Sometimes you’ll even have to lift your bike across rocks and climbs. So, you’ve to be prepared for all kinds of situations.

Strength Training

Strong legs are not sufficient, especially for mountain biking. You’ll need the strength and stamina to survive for long hours in the air. Hence, a good strength training routine and fit core can take you a long way and help you survive in the mountains.


Hit the brakes wherever necessary. It is always recommended to use the back brakes, but sometimes feathering the front brakes also helps in getting through the steep slopes.

Choose a clean path

Although mountain biking is an adventure in itself, choosing a clear path is much better than selecting a tough one. Sustainability is the key. Choose the ones that are easy to tread and sustain.

Relax and enjoy

It is always better to let loose and relax, only then you can swing through the obstacles and rocks easily.


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