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Have you ever come across cyclists, a bunch of them, cycling through the streets, with a lot of gears, goggles and helmet on them? Have you ever dreamt of becoming a pro cyclist like them? Well, if you’re answer is yes, then we are here to tell you that it is not an easy task. Your first cycling race on the road will be much of a daunting experience, but once you have everything in place, you’ll get accustomed to it. But before that, you need to keep in mind a few tips that are going to stick by you during your first cycle race.

Have a healthy breakfast

Usually, every race festival will offer a light breakfast – which mostly includes fruit, a drink and some carbs. Eat just that. Do not have a healthy breakfast at home and load on the freebies as well. Stick with the food that works for you and if possible, do a trial run on your training days.


Know the rules thoroughly.=

The rules for most races depend on the type of race you’re signing up for. For instance, off-road racing will have restriction on the tyre size and helmets are mandatory in almost all races. Make sure you know the rules so that you can prepare your bike as well as yourself for the big day.

Riding in groups

It is smart to always ride in groups. Some are slow, and some are fast. Choose the group whose pace matches yours and ride alongside them. This will save your energy by 40% and also entertain you throughout the journey.

Start slow

Since it’s your first race, you have no idea about how it’s going to be until the finish line. Hence, start slow and take 20-second breaks if you need to. Never get in the momentum of starting the race with a higher speed to get ahead of everyone else. Although it might be successful in the beginning, you’ll get tired quickly and eventually give up.

Check on your bike

It is especially important to check on it, the night before your race. Make sure the chains are cleaned, the worn-out parts are replaced, and the saddle matches your height, and the breaks are comfortable.

Check on your bike

Get to the race early

Once you get to the destination where the race begins, there are a lot of things you need to take care of – like pinning the race number, support vehicles, filled water bottles and the route. So, it is better to get to the sport early than rushing the last minute. Also, save a spot for yourself behind the finish line, 10 minutes before the race begins. In case, the announcer has some important things to announce.

Your target

This is just your first race, so do not have high hopes on winning or even finish in the first line. Your main aim should be to learn and experience the entire situation. Hopefully, the experience will let you take home a win one day.


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