Bikefest in the Midwest

Bikefest is an international week for all the bike lovers and bike enthusiasts who travel all over the world to witness these bike festivals. Bikers, aspiring bikers and even non-bikers visit these festivals along with their family and friends. During this time of the year, you can see numerous brands of bikes, located all over the place, with some good food and music. Bike festivals are not just limited to one country. They take places on different dates around the globe. Let’s discuss some of the popular bike fests(Must Watch) around the world.

BikeFest 2016 in Birmingham


2016 was the second year Birmingham hosted their BikeFest, which was a huge success. This cycling festival included 2km bike rides with your family and a popup street velodrome. It was a free event that took place in Victoria Square from 9 am to 4 pm and attracted tourists all over the world. It was the first closed road bike ride, with family, which was sponsored by HSBC.

Bikefest in the Midwest

Bikefest in the Midwest

Bikefest in the Midwest is not about cycling or bicycles, but actually about professional bikers and biker tourists. It takes place around the Lake of the Ozarks, where thousands of bikers from all over the world, roar their motorcycles on the streets. It is usually held as a four-day event, and over 35,000 professional bikers take part in the event. The festival is decorated by live food counters, drinks, vendor villages, giveaways, and two bikes as an announcement of the prize. The atmosphere is surrounded by beautiful hills in the background and over 200 bars and restaurants, serving every hungry soul, throughout the year. The event takes place late summer or early autumn, which is the best-suited weather for riding across the lakes and hills. While the bikers are indulged in their riding activity, visitors can enjoy the view, food and the weather.

Ireland BikeFest Killarney

Ireland BikeFest Killarney

2020 is the 141st year for Ireland BikeFest Killarney, and is a famous international bike festival that attracts lakhs of tourists every single year. The event is often held across Ireland’s June Bank every year and is a three-day event with extravagance ambience and music that keeps the crowd entertained. The event is coupled with three live music stages and concerts that take place throughout the day and sometimes extended to the nights. The winner of the event wins a Harley Davidson and from the festival’s chosen charity Muscular Dystrophy.

Indian Bike Week, Goa

The Indian Bike Week (IBW) takes place every year, and the tradition has been followed since four years now, and November 2020 is supposed to be the fifth year for the ritual. It usually takes place in Goa and is organized by the 70 Event Media Group. It is a two-day event that is graced by the presence of some of the most professional and famous bikers from around the world. Beach-side view and the two-day event is a set for sore the sore eyes and an activity that can be enjoyed with family as well as friends.


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